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Registrations are undertaken each season and all players must register – including those who played the previous year. We do accept late registrations if there is room available in the age group, but the best way to get a game is to contact the club from November onwards and to watch the club’s website for registration details.

​Each year we try extremely hard to accept every player who wants to play for the club. The only way that a player who wants to play may miss out would be if there are too many players for one team in his/her age group, and not enough to create another team. In this situation the club will use its best endeavours to find a position in another team which may be in a different age group.

The only time players may be chosen on ability is during finals (U12s and above), when coaches put their best team on the field. Even then, many coaches make sure that all their players get a chance to experience the excitement of finals.

Walkerville Junior Football Club is run entirely by volunteers, and therefore the continued success of the club depends on the hard work of parents and volunteers who are prepared to pitch in and help.

There are many other ways that parents contribute – starting on match days with goal or boundary umpiring, time keeping, carrying water and so on. Going further, you might think about being a Team Manager for a few seasons.

Perhaps you’re thinking about coaching at some stage – if you are, have a chat to members of our Football Committee.

​The Committee encourages all parents to remain at matches to support their children and team and actively participate in all club initiatives. If you have any questions or a desire to get involved do not hesitate to contact a member of the Committee to discuss this.

If you wish to express your interest in playing at Walkerville Junior Football Club, please use the form and we will be in touch.

Expression of Interest for Junior Football


    Become a Sponsor

    There’s no doubt that our success and ongoing operation as a club could not be achieved without the dedicated support of our sponsors. We are strongly committed to the community within which we operate and we are proud to promote those who support us.

    We can offer a range of benefits to potential sponsors, including the opportunity to reach more than 450 families who are involved with our club through our website, emails, social media, and through promotion at our home ground, Walkerville Oval.

    If you are interested in supporting local football, please contact:

    ​We look forward to having you on board!