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Celebrating Dedication: Belinda Elliott Wins the David ‘Mase’ Mason Club Spirit Award

At Walkerville Junior Football Club, we are fortunate to have a community filled with dedicated and passionate individuals who go above and beyond to make our club a thriving and vibrant place. This year, we are immensely proud to announce that Belinda Elliott has been awarded the prestigious David ‘Mase’ Mason Club Spirit Award by the Walkerville Sports Club.

The Significance of the Award

The David ‘Mase’ Mason Club Spirit Award was established to honour the memory of David Mason, a stalwart of the Walkerville Sports Club whose unwavering dedication and spirit left an indelible mark on our community. The award is designed to recognise an individual who has contributed services above and beyond expectations as a volunteer, embodying the very essence of commitment and community spirit that David Mason exemplified.

The Walkerville Sports Club committee recently invited the Presidents of the Walkerville Football Club, Walkerville Junior Football Club, Walkerville Cricket Club, and Walkerville Softball Club to nominate individuals who meet these high standards. Nominees must have demonstrated exceptional volunteerism without receiving any honorarium or cash payment, reflecting true selflessness and dedication.

Celebrating Belinda Elliott

This year’s recipient, Belinda Elliott, is a shining example of such dedication. Belinda’s contributions to the Walkerville Junior Football Club are extensive and invaluable. While she officially runs our Communications and Marketing function, her involvement goes far beyond her designated role.

Belinda is known for stepping up whenever and wherever needed. She volunteers to manage the merchandise stand even when it’s not her responsibility, assists with setting up and packing down ovals on days her children aren’t playing, helps with the BBQ, sells raffle tickets, and maintains a perfect attendance record at all meetings. Her tireless efforts and unwavering passion for the WJFC make her an indispensable part of our club.

Interacting with Belinda, it’s clear she’s one of those exceptional individuals who make volunteer-based clubs like ours function smoothly. Her enthusiasm and commitment inspire those around her, and her contributions ensure that the club remains a vibrant and welcoming place for all members.

Words from Our President

Jim Fairweather, President of the Walkerville Junior Football Club, expressed his gratitude and admiration for Belinda, stating, “Belinda is the worthiest of winners of this very special award. Her dedication and passion for the club are unparalleled, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her as part of our team. On behalf of a thankful club, congratulations, Belinda.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Belinda’s recognition with the David ‘Mase’ Mason Club Spirit Award is a testament to her remarkable volunteerism and dedication. She embodies the spirit of community and commitment that is the cornerstone of the Walkerville Junior Football Club.

The support from volunteers like Belinda is what makes our club special. It’s their hard work and dedication that create a nurturing environment for our players and ensure the smooth operation of club activities. The Walkerville Sports Club and the Mason family’s establishment of this award highlights the importance of recognising and appreciating these selfless contributions.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate Belinda’s achievement, we also take this moment to acknowledge all our volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Their efforts often go unnoticed, but they are the backbone of our club. We encourage everyone to take inspiration from Belinda’s dedication and continue to support and contribute to our community.

Congratulations once again to Belinda Elliott for receiving the David ‘Mase’ Mason Club Spirit Award. Your hard work and dedication are truly appreciated by all at Walkerville Junior Football Club.

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